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CBCD's Board of Supervisors

Meet the Board

About CBCD's Board of Supervisors

In 2013, Grant County, Moses Lake and Warden conservation districts consolidated into the Grant County Conservation District (GCCD), now known as the Columbia Basin Conservation District (CBCD).  Under this consolidation, GCCD originally had 15 board members.  Today, CBCD has a 5-member board representing all of CBCD's service area.

Consistent with other conservation districts in Washington state, CBCD:


  • Is governed by a board of five members, called supervisors. Three are elected locally by the public, and two are appointed by the Washington State Conservation Commission; 

  • Must have at least two of the elected and one of the appointed supervisors be local landowners or operators of a farm;

  • Supervisors serve a three-year term, without compensation — they are volunteers.

CBCD's elections are typically held annually in March.


If you are interested in getting involved with CBCD, please contact us →

CBCD Board of Supervisor Meetings

CBCD's monthly Board of Supervisors meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month, March to October at 7:00 pm, and November to February at 1:00 pm.

CBCD's Board of Supervisors meetings are held
at the CBCD office at 1107 S Juniper Drive, Moses Lake, WA.

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