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Commercial agricultural operations must obtain a burn permit prior to burning natural vegetation, however, there are a few exceptions (see below).

As the local agricultural burn permitting authority, we are here to help you through the process.

Agricultural Burn Permits

No burn permit is required when burning:
  • Orchard pruning

  • Natural vegetation along fence lines, irrigation, and drainage ditches

  • Natural vegetation blown by the wind

Before burning you must:
  1. Obtain a permit, if required;

  2. Notify your fire protection authority and/or dispatch (check with specific county) prior to igniting any fire, even if an air quality/burn permit is not required;

  3. Call the burn hotline (1-800-406-5322) to make sure it is a burn day. For Grant County press 2 then 5, Zone 41 north of I-90; Zone 42 south of I-90; Zone 43 all of Mattawa for Adams County press 2 then 4.

To obtain an agricultural burn permit:
  1. Print and fully fill out the applicable burn permit application (see below and contact us if you need a copy).  Applications including email addresses will be expedited.  Also do not forget to provide driving directions from the nearest town;

  2. Return the application and permit fee by check to:

    ​Columbia Basin Conservation District
    1107 S. Juniper Drive
    Moses Lake, WA 98837
    (509) 765-9618


  3. Mandatory Requirement - After burning, fill-out and return the post burn report (blue postcard) or submit the report ONLINE HERE.

Burn Permit Applications

Please download and return the application and permit fee by check to Columbia Basin Conservation District.

Burn Permit Applications

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