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Cost Share Program

The Columbia Basin Conservation District provides cost share assistance for projects that implement best management practices to address natural resource priorities in our service area.  We provide up to 50% cost share on approved projects, pending funding availability.  Both public and private projects on large and small scales are accepted.

We are currently accepting cost share applications.
How can we help you?

Soil Conservation

  • Reduce or No Till

  • Cover Cropping

  • Crop Rotation

  • Farm Buffers

  • Permanent Plantings

  • Wind Breaks

  • Burying Pipeline

Crop Management

  • Cover Cropping

  • Crop Rotation

  • Precision Agriculture

Water Quality & Quantity

  • Riparian Buffers

  • Tree Plantings

  • Nutrient Management

  • Water Management

  • Sprinkler Conversion


Energy Conservation

  • Energy Audits

  • VFD’s

Livestock Management

  • Prescribed Grazing

  • Waste Management

  • Watering Facility

  • Fencing

  • Range/Pasture Planting

  • Odor Control Plans

Wildlife Conservation

  • Habitat planting

  • Habitat Structures

  • Leaving Standing Grain

Are you not seeing a practice you're interested in implementing? Call to find out what your options are!

For more information or to apply contact:

Dinah Rouleau, CBCD Program Manager
(509) 765-9618


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