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Education & Outreach

How can we teach today's youth to be tomorrow's leaders?

Knowing the power of knowledge, we at the Columbia Basin Conservation District are committed to providing education that reaches and engages the youngest to our eldest to our most knowledgeable community members and land occupiers.

Our education and outreach efforts include:
  • Othello Sandhill Crane Festival

  • Eco-Gardening Symposium

  • Water on Wheels (K-6th grades)

  • Wheat Week (4th & 5th grades)

  • Trout in the Classroom (K-6th grades)

  • Community presentations

  • Development of education and outreach materials, and programs

  • One-on-one outreach with farmers, land managers, elected officials and other stakeholders

If you are interested in having our staff give a conservation-related presentation to your classroom, community group, etc., or if you are interested in partnering to develop education and outreach materials or programs, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Trout in the Classroom

The Columbia Basin Conservation District offers the Trout in the Classroom program in Grant, Lincoln and Adams counties' schools.  The Trout in the Classroom program, established in 1991 by WDFW, was created as an educational project to encourage respect for water resources and promote responsible behavior towards the environment.

Water on Wheels

The Water on Wheels Program offers free lessons for kindergarten through 5th grade, public and private schools, and informational presentations at community events. WOW lessons include lively, hands-on demonstrations, educational games, and grade-level appropriate materials to give students a better understanding of water, soil, and energy conservation.

Wheat Week

Wheat Week is a series of five, one-hour lessons, delivered over the course of one week, engaging and educating students in 4th and 5th grade about water, soil, watersheds, energy, systems, wheat, and how they impact our lives. Wheat Week is FREE to any public or private school that requests it and is aligned with Washington State Science Learning Standards.

Need more information? Get in touch with us!

Call Columbia Basin Conservation District at 509-765-9618

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