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Shoreline Nutrient Assessment

The Shoreline Nutrient Assessment (SNA) is a tool that can be used to assess a landowner’s shoreline property to see what that individual can do to reduce nutrients from entering Moses Lake. Signing up for the SNA is a completely voluntary process for people who are interested in doing their part in protecting Moses Lake.  


Moses Lake has a harmful algal bloom problem that is the result of excess nutrients. These nutrients come from various areas that include groundwater, agriculture, nonpoint sources, stormwater runoff, and natural occurrences. The SNA is a great way for landowners to play a part in reducing nutrients entering Moses Lake from nonpoint sources and stormwater runoff.

Interested in Participating?

Sign-up for a FREE field visit!

Participating in the SNA is easy! By contacting the Columbia Basin Conservation District, you can fill out a questionnaire survey about your property, sign up for a free field visit, assess potential areas of concern, and receive a personalized recommendation plan. 

This plan outlines resources and actions that landowners can take to improve upon their existing properties, all while benefiting the overall health of the lake!

Get yours today!

For more information or to apply contact:

Ronnie Sawyer, Moses Lake Outreach Coordinator

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