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WSU Extension Grant-Adams Master Gardeners Native Plant Demonstration Garden  at the Moses Lake Public Library
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Heritage Garden Program

The Heritage Garden Program is dedicated to creating water-wise landscapes and gardens in the arid portion of the Columbia River Basin of Washington State. Additionally, Heritage Gardens works to incorporate and honor the unique natural and cultural features of this area.

With our region only getting 7-11 inches of precipitation each year, planting native plants and other low-water-use plants just makes sense.  It helps save water and money and can provide important habitat for wildlife.


Our staff are available to help you plan and troubleshoot your current gardens and lawns for more water-efficient and native plants.  Let us help you identify and install efficient watering systems for your gardens, yards, and properties.

Interested in a Free Field Visit?  

For more information or to apply contact:

Dinah Rouleau, CBCD Program Manager
(509) 765-9618


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