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Roylene Comes At Night honors CBCD with 2023 Conservation District Partnership of the Year Award

The Columbia Basin Conservation District (CBCD) is honored to announce Roylene Comes At Night, NRCS's Washington State Conservationist selected the CBCD for NRCS-Washington's 2023 Conservation District Partnership of the Year Award.

CBCD received the award during the 2023 Washington Association of Conservation District's annual conference in Wenatchee at the end of November.

Roylene honored CBCD for our work together on the Odessa Groundwater Replacement Program (OGWRP), noting the great success we have achieved specifically through the PL-566 Small Watershed Program and the Regional Conservation Partnership Program. NRCS has awarded over $49.4 million to support the OGWRP over the last two years. This tremendous financial support has leveraged state contributions nearly 1:1.

We are incredibly honored to receive this distinguished award from Roylene. NRCS has been a tremendous partner and we are excited to continue our work together on the OGWRP and other critically important programs. - Kristina Ribellia, CBCD Executive Director

Photos (Left to Right): Roylene Comes At Night, NRCS Washington State Conservationist; Kristina Ribellia, CBCD Executive Director; Dave Stadelman, CBCD Board Chair; John Preston, CBCD Board Member; Richard Leitz, CBCD Board Member.



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